Vafo Group acquires Carry Petfood dog chew maker

Carry Petfood was established in 1992 as Weidaer Hundekauartikel, but changed its name in 2009.

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Czechoslovakia-based Vafo Group acquired Carry Petfood, a private label dog chew maker based in Trzebielino, Poland, reported PetWorldwide. Carry Petfood was established in 1992 as Weidaer Hundekauartikel, but changed its name in 2009.

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Brit - VAFO PRAHA s.r.o. is a privately owned company that develops, produces and distributes premium and super premium pet food and supplements to 66 countries worldwide. The Czech company, which also offers private-label services, produces a total of 90,000 metric tons annually. Recent growth is partly attributable to strategic acquisitions, including through subsidiary Canvit. VAFO includes dogs and cats, as well as horses, birds and terrarium animals in its portfolio.


2014: Brit, one of Vafo Praha's pet food brands, wins the Global Pets Award from the Global Pets Forum and Pets International. Vafo Praha, through its subsidiary Canvit sro, purchases all activities of the pet food division of Trouw Nutrition Biofaktory s.r.o. The company makes vitamin supplements and food for dogs, cats and horses under the brand names Canvit, Nutri Can, Nutri Fel, Nutri Horse and Pavo, plus Nutri Mix products for pigeons, exotic birds and terrarium animals. The purchase is made to expand the company's portfolio to include specialized pet foods. 2013: Vafo Praha acquires Trope as, manufacturer of foods for small mammals and aquarium fish, as well as supplements for dogs and horses.


Brit, Brit Care, Carnilove, Lets Bite, Brit Animals, Profine, Sam´s Field, Christopherus, PrimaDog, PrimaCat, PlanetPet, HauHau, Freddy

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Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Latin America

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