Campi Alimentos playing in the major league of pet food

With pet food product innovations designed to meet current and future consumer needs, Campi is moving up the ranks in the Mexican pet food market.

Courtesy of Campi Alimentos
Courtesy of Campi Alimentos

Campi Alimentos is the animal feed arm of Grupo Bachoco, one of the biggest poultry producers globally, and is a company with one of the largest feed production capacities in Mexico. On top of that, Campi Alimentos is rapidly positioning itself in the major league of the Mexican pet food industry.

In recent years, Campi has widely expanded its product portfolio and customer base in the national and international pet food arenas. Subsequently, the company has ascended a few positions in the national pet food ranking, aiming to reach the top-five pet food producers—no easy task.

Innovating with new pet foods: Campi Naturals

According to Ricardo Vizcaya, business unit manager at Bachoco Pet Foods, one of the main strategies leading to recent company accomplishments is the innovation of new products that meet the latest consumer requirements. For example, Campi Alimentos recently innovated with two different product lines.

The first development, named Campi Naturals, aimed to increase brand recognition in the market with a high-profile product that includes more protein content than competitors’ pet foods while maintaining a reasonable price. To achieve such a formulation, Vizcaya said Campi developed a natural-based dry dog food product that combined animal and vegetable protein. Furthermore, it added prebiotics and yucca root, and a carrot-like color that reinforce the nutritional benefit of vegetables. Finally, it featured a one-size kibble suitable for any dog breed.

CanPro Max tested by potential users, distributors

The second product innovation, called CanPro Max, was designed to compete with low-priced products in the market while keeping good acceptance from pet owners. For this product innovation, Campi assessed the product prototype among a sample of users. The company distributed the product using transparent packaging, which allowed for visual validation. Other features under trial were the kibble size, palatability and overall opinion of distributors.

Today, CanPro Max is among the best-sellers in the company’s portfolio, available in 20-kilo sacks across thousands of sales points in Mexico.

Campi Alimentos is playing in the major pet food league due to its overall positioning in the market; however, its recent success is likely attributable to the modernization of its product formulations, which better meet current and upcoming consumer demands.

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