Japan's Aeon Pet releases 30 new dog snacks in one go

Japan's Aeon Pet wants to provide a dog snack for every taste, every day of the month with its new store brand Petemo.

Aeon Pet | aeonpet.com
Aeon Pet | aeonpet.com

Aeon Pet, a chain of pet specialty stores in Japan, recently released 30 new kinds of dog snacks as part of its first store brand “Petemo.”

Enough to give dogs a new treat to munch on each day of the month, the huge product release was said to be inspired by the fact that pets' eating habits have become so diversified in recent years that they could use, to borrow Petemo's slogan, “a little good thing today and tomorrow” without a repeat of what they had yesterday.

The Petemo jerky series is based on five kinds of protein including chicken, cow, pig, horse and deer. The choices of dog snacks include things like horse meat chips, pig ears, beef Achilles tendon, shredded venison, veal rib bone and sliced flank steak. Aeon Pet said the wide range of Petemo snacks, which contain no artificial colors or preservatives, guarantees that dog owners can easily find something suitable even for their pets with food allergies.

About Aeon Pet

At least 190 Aeon Pet stores across Japan are now selling all 30 varieties of Petemo meaty snacks. Most items cost only 498 yen (US$4.80) for a bag that is anywhere from 45 grams to 80 grams. On top of that, Aeon Pet stores also carry a new supplementary product: Petemo toothpaste gum for dogs.

Aeon Pet Co. Ltd., with headquarters in Chiba Prefecture, Ichikawa City, promises to be in step with pet owners who want to provide for their pets.

“We will continue to develop various products and services that are particularly (of) high quality and (at) reasonable prices so that customers can use them every day,” said Ichiro Yonezu, president of Aeon Pet.

Since its first store opening in 2008, Aeon Pet has offered a one-stop pet care service that includes pet supplies sales, pet grooming, pet hotel accommodations and veterinary care. In November 2020, one of its stores pioneered the installation of Japan's first Royal Canin pet food search machine, which can suggest the ideal food for a pet dog or pet cat based on its age, personal characteristics and food concerns.

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