JD adds dog, cat profiles to e-commerce site in China

The system, called the My Pet Profile Initiative, allows customers to receive recommendations for pet products and services.

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JD.com, an e-commerce platform based in China, added a pet profile section for customers. The system, called the My Pet Profile Initiative, allows customers to receive recommendations for pet products and services. Pet food customers input their animal’s breed, age, gender, vaccination history and other information.

“By providing insights not only on pet owners, but for the first time also on their pets, JD has taken us to the next step,” Zoe Zuo, marketing director for Nestlé Purina, said in a JD corporate blog. “The My Pet Profile Initiative represents an expanding database of growing importance for us because it helps us improve our products and strategies. We will leverage these insights to recommend products to customers with more precision, helping ensure our customers have longer and happier relationships with their beloved pets.”

For the profiles, JD uses the e-commerce giant’s big data analysis to provide updates of suitable products, services and care instructions.

For pet food brands selling their products on JD, the My Pet Profile Initiative provides data about the pets themselves, along with their owners. JD intends this data to help brands target consumers more accurately and specifically. Marketing campaigns may address specific breeds or other pet demographic, such as age.

Nestlé Purina’s Pro Plan brand piloted the initiative, and saw their click rate quickly double among customers who received targeted recommendations, according to JD.

JD’s My Pet Profile allows only dog and cat owners to enter their pet’s information, but the service may expand to other species.

Amazon offers pet profile to aid online pet food buying

In 2017, Amazon began a similar profile service for pet owners.  The online retailer offers a monthly email with the profile that includes pet food and product coupons and tips. Amazon first asks users the type of their pet, such as dog, cat, reptile or even horse. Pet owners then enter their animal’s name, followed by breed, including mixed, and age. The mixed breed option gives users the ability to select multiple breeds. Pet owners can list their animal’s gender and weight. They also have the option to select favorite food brands and dietary preferences, such as all natural, grain-free, limited ingredient or vegetarian. A pet’s favorite food flavors and toys can also be selected. Pet owners can upload a photo to their Amazon Pet Profile.

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