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The pet food industry’s unique position of dealing with animals and their nutritional well-being makes for a constant blend of fun and function.

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You may have noticed that this issue of Petfood Industry magazine starts off with a little magic on our cover, as this month’s profile, Phelps Pet Products, discusses their partnership with none other than Disney to create a line of specialty dog treats. And is it any wonder that one of the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands wants in on the action? The pet food market continues to grow in spite of, well, pretty much all of 2020, even when we’re discussing developing markets.

Disney is far from the only recognizable name to enter the pet space. After all, Rachael Ray’s Nutrish pet food brand can be found on plenty of grocery store shelves; celebrity names like Lilly Singh, Will Smith and Odell Beckham Jr. were linked to dog food company Jinx when it launched in January 2020; and Martha Stewart released a new line of CBD soft-baked chews and oil drops for pets in January 2021 (for more on the seemingly unstoppable CBD trend. Pets are good PR, they make people happy, and after the year everyone has had pet owners are more invested than ever in their furry friends. Why not get on board?

As the industry continues to evolve and prove itself to be something of a “sure thing,” particularly for those investors with money to throw around, it makes sense for them to dip their toes into these comfortable waters. Additionally, partnerships with celebrities are almost always a win (barring some sort of scandal, of course): the celebrity gets the positive face time of being an animal lover, and the brand gets the exposure that comes along with the access to the celebrity’s audience.

Petfood Forum back in (person) action for 2021!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t promote ourselves at least a little bit. Petfood Forum is back in Kansas City, Missouri, USA this year, and we’re all very excited to get out from behind our computers and see everyone in person again! Please plan to join us if you can September 22–24 as we do what we do best: illustrate, educate and entertain, with our Exhibit Hall show floor; robust program of keynotes, general sessions and educational tracks; and (of course) everyone’s favorite networking opportunities.

Whether you’re hoping to get more information on the latest trends or grab a drink with colleagues you haven’t seen since 2019, we have you covered!

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