Blue Buffalo pet food launches pet owner social media app

Blue Buffalo Buddies app allows pet owners to communicate with one another, seek advice and guidance, track pets' health, nutrition and more.

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Having a strong social media presence is a must in today’s online marketing landscape. (supersizer |
Having a strong social media presence is a must in today’s online marketing landscape. (supersizer |

Adapted from a press release: 

Blue Buffalo Buddies app allows pet owners to chat with a community of people who have similar questions and concerns for their pet’s care. The app includes a library full of articles that may be helpful to those seeking guidance and advice on different pet care topics. If the article database is not enough to answer your questions, users can “Ask a Pet Buff” through an online chat or call.  

Create a profile for your pet, track their health and gain rewards. Redeem points on different Blue Buffalo products including treats, wet cat or dog food and animal party bundles.  

Growing power of social media 

With social media continuing to climb in popularity, more pet food companies are utilizing their social channels to reach their customers. This makes it easy for these companies to advertise new products, connect with their community, keep up with current trends and give updates on any recalls.  

Although social media can be a powerful tool it can bring a lot of negativities. With customer complaints, criticisms, rumors and fake news pet food companies will have to learn how to deal with a social media crisis.   

Read more about social media in the pet food industry 

When pet owners talk about pet products on social media certain terms and themes emerge. Likewise, when pet food companies describe their products on e-commerce sites, marketers use specific terms and follow definable trends. Identifying related themes among pet owners’ attitudes and pet food brands’ products may help pet food marketers and formulators develop new products and promote the ones they have. Analysts with Skai, a commerce intelligence platform, examined social media feeds and pet food e-commerce websites to identify those common denominator terms. To find correlations among themes, like natural and affordability, market analysts use the data they collected from social media and e-commerce to identify benefits and features of pet food products. Each month, this averages 80,000 new data points per month. Their pet data covered the 24 months preceding July 2021. 

Social media and networks are an emerging sales channel for pet food in Latin America, with the potential to become a market force. Numerous independent pet food sellers are increasingly using Marketplace, the sales platform of Facebook, to promote and distribute pet food in every country in the region, from Mexico to Argentina. It is difficult to estimate the current size of this nascent channel. Yet, it is likely to continue developing as more consumers are turning to such a popular and user-friendly marketplace. Most sellers are small, independent distributors who offer free delivery services in surrounding neighborhoods, or pickup service. Usually, delivery comprises a small area due to the logistical limitations of the seller, so the number of daily orders is likely small. Yet, the aggregation of thousands of small independent sellers playing together sets up the channel as the next pet food market force. 


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