Canidae makes charitable donation to the Greater Good

The charitable donation will be used to help those who were affected by Hurricane Ida.

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photo by Javier Brosch | BigStockPhoto

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies announced that their partner, Canidae, recently made a charitable donation of over 200,000 pounds of dog food, according to a press release. The contribution was given to the Greater Good organization, giving long-term support to communities affected by Hurricane Ida.

Back in August, Hurricane Ida hit the southern Louisiana coast as a Category 4 storm. The life-threatening storm surge brought winds over 150 mph and widespread flooding. The Greater Good organization worked to move over 150 shelter pets and sent medication, survival supplies and other items needed to the local animal shelters.  

The donation from Canidae will give pet owners relief in knowing their animal is provided for during the critical time of rebuilding.  

“We are very fortunate to have such a generous partner in Canidae, who is partnered with us in our donation efforts,” said Elizabeth Thibodeau, senior vice president, merchandising for Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, in a statement. “Their generous donation is going to benefit thousands of pet parents in need of support through the Greater Good Organization and allow some relief after the tragedy they have experienced.”  

The Greater Good charities

In addition to disaster relief, the Greater Good charities has many programs to help pets nationwide including:

  • Rescue Rebuild: Volunteer staff are recruited from all around the world to help renovate a shelter in need
  • The Jackson Galaxy Project: Helps to improve the lives of at-risk cats and educates, inspires and empowers rescuers and adopters
  • Rescue Bank: Donates food and supplies to smaller non-profits
  • Emergency Animal Medical: Provides compensation to pets who need funding for extensive medical care
  • Good Flights: Conducting life-saving flights to transport the country’s at-risk pet populations
  • Good Fix: Provides surgical teams to help control overpopulation in communities that need it most, free of charge
  • Good Home: Works to connect qualified pet foster homes with animal shelters across the United States

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Philanthropy and the pet food industry are a partnership no-brainer: There are many organizations out there that focus on animals and could use some help, and plenty of pet food companies who want to connect with their communities and do some good when it comes to both animals and the people who love them. Read about three companies involved in pet food that have worked hard to ensure their culture involves a healthy dose of giving back.  

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