Guardian Pet Food announces charitable commitments

The pet food company plans to donate a portion of its annual gross revenue each year.

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photo by Javier Brosch | BigStockPhoto
photo by Javier Brosch | BigStockPhoto

Guardian Pet Food Company, Inc. announced its corporate commitment to support charitable partners. “All of us at Guardian are committed to putting the health and well-being of pets, and the people that care for them, first,” said Jim Galovski, founder and CEO of Guardian. 

According to Galvoski in a press release, the company will commit to donating “the equivalent of 2% or more of our annual gross revenue” each year to certified non-profit organizations. 

Other pet food industry charitable commitments

Pet food and treat companies are often looking to give back to the pet community. Though giving significant donations is a top priority to these companies, making connections is the most important part of their philanthropy. 

Recently featured in the November 2021 issue of Petfood Industry magazine, for their charitable endeavors, Bil-Jac, Champion Petfoods and Happy Howl are a few notable companies dedicated to making these connections. 

Bil-Jac, a superpremium dog food company, believe its responsibility as a company is to continue to give back. In previous reporting, Bil-Jac President Bill Kelly explained how the partnership with America’s VetDogs is the companies “most profound partnership” due to the connection of the company’s personal lives and the organizations goals. The profits from Bil-Jac dog treats help raise money towards providing service dogs to veterans and first responders. 

Champion Petfoods, a premium pet food company, partners with rescue organizations to help pets find forever homes. Recently, the company became a pet food sponsor of Best Friends Animal Society bringing 2.5 million meals each year to dogs and cats in their Lifesaving Centers. Champion Petfood supports 40 long-term rescues in the U.S. and Canada. 

Happy Howl, founded in April 2021, is still getting established but has always been clear about its company belief: dogs deserve better. The company reserves 10% of its gross revenue for affiliate partnerships. These partnerships include rescues it works long-term with and the creation of organic partnerships that benefit both the organization and Happy Howl.


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