Belgian fresh dog food producer experiencing rapid growth

Thanks to robust growth of its fresh dog food sales, Dog Chef, based in Belgium, is expanding its production and adding export markets within Europe.

Benefiting from rising demand for its products, Belgian dog food maker Dog Chef aims to end this year with a 50% increase in sales.
Benefiting from rising demand for its products, Belgian dog food maker Dog Chef aims to end this year with a 50% increase in sales.
Courtesy of Dog Chef

Dog Chef, a Belgian company offering fresh dog food via a direct-to-consumer model, is developing its position in Europe, with plans to ramp up the production capacities of its facility and expand to a number of new foreign markets across the continent.

Dog Chef says it specializes in natural and healthy meals with high-quality ingredients that are fit for human consumption and customized based on the dog’s profile, delivered fresh to its customers’ doors. 

European pet food expansion plans

Alexis d'Oultremont, co-founder of Dog Chef, says the company currently delivers dog food to customers in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, and most recently in the Netherlands. In the near future, the pet food business will also expand to other Western European markets, starting with Germany and, at a later date, to the Spanish and Italian markets. 

The company is rapidly building its revenues; d'Oultremont says Dog Chef expects to end 2022 with €15 million (US$14.7 million) in sales, an increase of 50% compared with a year earlier. In response to the rising sales, the pet food producer is advancing plans to increase its manufacturing capabilities, according to d'Oultremont.

Pet food production to grow

“We want to continue to invest in increasing our production capacities,” d'Oultremont said. “In several months, we will also launch food supplements that will respond to the specific needs of particular groups of dogs, for instance puppies and senior dogs.”

The company’s website presents various pet food subscription models adapted to dogs of different sizes. Prices start at €1.4 (US$1.37) per day for small dogs of about 2 kg (4.4 lbs), €2.5 (US$2.46) per day for medium dogs around 15 kg and €3.7 ($3.64) per day for large dogs of about 30 kg, according to data released by Dog Chef. This translates into dog food portions of 0.15 kg, 0.5 kg and 0.8 kg, respectively.

In addition to dog food products and supplements, the Belgian firm also offers chew toys, treats and other related canine products. Based in Huldenberg, in close proximity to the country’s capital of Brussels, Dog Chef was jointly established by d’Oultremont and his friend and business partner, Alexandre Cardon.

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