Bil-Jac: Focusing on fresh ingredients for 76 years

Learn about Bil-Jac’s history, its evolution, and where it hopes to land in the future of the pet food space.

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Bil-Jac President Bob Kelly, alongside Chief Operating Officer Tommy Walsh and VP of Canine Relations Scrappy Walsh, have a simple philosophy that keeps the business growing: Always do what they believe is best for pets. | Courtesy Bil-Jac Foods Inc.

This is Bil-Jac Foods Inc.’s 76th anniversary, making it the perfect time for the company to reflect on its unconventional beginnings.

In addition to the company’s complete food offerings, Bil-Jac also offers a robust treat line that includes soft and training treats in a variety of flavors. | Courtesy Bil-Jac Foods Inc.


Bil-Jac recently updated its packaging to better highlight added functional benefits such as prebiotics and probiotics, as well as to provide a sleek, modern look for its products. | Courtesy Bil-Jac Foods Inc.


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