Diversifying your marketing strategy to reach pet owners

Learn about some unconventional marketing strategies in the pet food space that are reaping rewards in terms of consumer awareness and engagement.

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couple of dogs watching a movie on a laptop computer in bedroom, close together
couple of dogs watching a movie on a laptop computer in bedroom, close together
There are more ways than ever to reach pet parents, and deciding which avenue to take can make the difference between standing out or getting lost in the crowd. | damedeeso, iStock.com

Modern marketing channels have opened the world of consumer engagement in ways that would never have been possible even 10 years ago, and as a result it can be both heartening and daunting to connect with your audience. Add to that the fact that marketing a product in the pet food world means addressing a crowded market with multiple segments and angles to address, and it’s no wonder companies are looking for unique ways to stand out and catch the eye of a potential customer — or strengthen the loyalty of an existing one.

Natural Balance’s latest marketing strategy is aimed strictly at pets, with ads created for cats and dogs to watch with their humans. | Courtesy Natural Balance


Bundle x Joy is constantly looking to reach potential customers in non-traditional places, such as being promoted on a non-pet-specific channel (QVC) alongside other like-minded businesses. | Courtesy QVC Inc.


Canidae’s kibble refill stations promote sustainability, convenience and flexibility … as well as provide a very visible marketing opportunity. | Courtesy Canidae

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