Japanese dog, cat, other pet food companies’ 2021 revenue

Despite Japan’s relatively low pet ownership rate, numerous pet food companies are based in the country.

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Photo by Alma J. Buelva
Photo by Alma J. Buelva

In an online survey by Rakuten Insight, Japanese respondents reported 11% ownership rates for both cats and dogs, compared to 59% on average for people in East and South Asian nations included in the survey. In Japan, 72% stated that they were not currently raising any pets at all. Ratuken’s analysts conducted their survey in January 2021. Despite Japan’s relatively low pet ownership rate, numerous pet food companies are based in the country. These Japan-based companies appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Company’s Current Data.

DoggyMan H.A. Co., Ltd.

  • Annual Revenue: US$194,310,000           
  • Brands: DoggyMan, CattyMan, MinianiMan

Inaba Petfood

  • Annual Revenue: US$245,880,000           
  • Brands: CIAO, TOROMI, TWINS. L Cup, Kin no Dashi, PURE, Cozy Life, Churu, INABA, Wan

Maruha Nichiro Corporation

  • Annual Revenue: US$135,840,000           
  • Brands: Miaw Miaw, Kin-can, Yaizu-no-Maguro, Jun-can, Kenko-can, Kuro-can, Kingfisher, Dog Mom, Cat Mom

MG Group

  • Annual Revenue: US$186,900,000           
  • Brands: Friend, Styles, Healthy Menu, Marukan, Nisso, Sunrise, NaturaHa, Pro Style CASA, Rose, Minimal Land, Manpuku Timothy, Delica, Minimal PRO, REPsi

Nippon Pet Food

  • Annual Revenue: US$105,510,000           
  • Brands: Dog food: Vita One, Combo, Beauty Pro, Lacine, Gotouchi Meguri. Cat food: Mio, Combo, Beauty Pro, Lacine. Fish, Birds and Small animals food: Angel, Swimmy, Charmy, Q-Chan, Birdie

Petline Ltd.

  • Annual Revenue: US$250,000,000           
  • Brands: Medycoat, Medyfas, Canet, Professional Balance, JP Style, Carat, Kaiseki

Unicharm Corp. 

  • Annual Revenue: US$828,730,000           
  • Brands: Grand Deli, Best Balance, Physicalife Dog , Aiken Genki, Silver Plate (dogs); AllWell, Physicalife Cat, Neko Genki, Silver Spoon (cats)

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