17 UK-based dog, cat, other pet food companies in 2021

While pet ownership in the United Kingdom may be getting more expensive due to inflation and other factors, the United Kingdom has some of the highest rates of per capita pet ownership in Europe.

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A survey by the United Kingdom’s Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) found that 62% of households owned some kind of pet in 2022. The survey of almost 9,000 UK households confirmed that dogs top the charts with 13 million, followed closely by cats with a population of 12 million. In a report by FEDIAF "Facts & Figures 2021,” The United Kingdom had the most aquariums compared to other European nations.

However in October, the BBC reported that pet abandonment in England and Wales increased by 25% during January through July, compared to the same period in the previous year, according to Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) data. Dog owners’ perceived that caring for dogs became less affordable in the United Kingdom in a survey of dog buyers conducted by Puppies.co.uk, an online dog breeder sales organization. Survey respondents’ perceived monthly dog care costs have risen by 94.66% compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic. On average, respondents reported that the cost of pet ownership increased to GBP108.89 (US$133.65) per month. 

While pet ownership may be getting more expensive due to inflation and other factors, the United Kingdom has some of the highest rates of per capita pet ownership in Europe. The United Kingdom has the second highest per capita rate of dog ownership and the third highest rate of cat ownership. The companies listed below helped provide those pes with food.  These companies appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Company’s Current Data, but not all had revenue figures available.

Arden Grange Pet Foods

  • Annual revenue: US$33,330,000
  • Brands: Arden Grange

Armitage Pet Care

  • Annual revenue: US$77,210,000
  • Brands: Good Boy, Meowee!, Wildbird, Wafcol

Burns Pet Nutrition

  • Annual revenue: US$30,900,000
  • Brands: Burns Dry Food Range Burns Wet Food Range Burns Treats Range

Butcher's Pet Care

  • Annual revenue: US$110,760,000
  • Brands: Butcher’s, Blink, Classic, Butcher’s Natural Nutrition

Cambrian Pet Foods

  • Annual revenue: US$41,840,000
  • Brands: Gelert

Canagan Group 

Brands: Canagan, Symply, Piccolo            

Crown Pet Foods

Annual revenue: US$240,200,000


  • Annual revenue: US$30,000,000
  • Brands: Forthglade

GA Pet Food Partners

  • Annual revenue: US$181,550,000
  • Brands: Freshtrusion

Grove Pet Foods

  • Brands: Vitalin, Alpha Feeds

Inspired Pet Nutrition

  • Annual revenue: US$131,450,000
  • Brands: Harringtons, Wagg                        

Lily's Kitchen

  • Annual revenue: US$250,000,000
  • Brands: Lily's Kitchen, Lily's By Lily's Kitchen

MPM Products

  • Annual revenue: US$106,110,000
  • Brands: Applaws, Encore, Nature's Calling, Reveal

Natures Menu

  • Annual revenue: US$33,000,000
  • Brands: True Instinct, Country Hunter, Original Complete and Balanced

Pets Choice

  • Annual revenue: US$94,570,000
  • Brands: Webbox, TastyBone, Meatiful, Spike, Wild Things, Feathers & Beaky, The Original Davies, Oceanic, Vitakraft, Bob Martin, Felight, aniMate, Rufus, Hatch Wells

Symply Pet Foods

  • Brands: Symply                              

Town & Country Petfoods Ltd.

  • Brands: HiLife, Treat Me!, Indulge Me!, Tempt Me!, Essentials, Nature's Essentials, Spoil Me!, Prestige, Pets Pantry
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