Grub Club Pets: Sustainability with insect-based dog food

Learn about Grub Club Pets, the year-old company focusing on sustainability with insect protein formulas for dogs in the UK.

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Grub Club Pets is on a mission to provide insect-based pet food and treats that are good for pets and the planet. One beneficiary of that mission is Pip the Scottish Terrier. | Courtesy Grub Club Pets

Alternative proteins is one of the cornerstones of the current sustainability conversation in pet food, and no novel protein is garnering quite as much attention as insects. According to UK Pet Food (formerly known as the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association), there are currently seven species of insects approved by the European Union (EU) for use in pet food. The top three most developed species of farmed insects used are house crickets, yellow mealworms and black soldier flies.

Grub Club’s Co-founders Hugh Petit and Alessandro Di Trapani says they’re “out there to have fun and breathe some life into the industry with our exciting brand and products.” | Courtesy Grub Club Pets


Grub Club’s treats line focuses on functional formulations with black soldier fly larvae as the protein source. | Courtesy Grub Club Pets

The company’s insect protein focus means its pet food is high in protein and sustainable, two significant current pet food industry trends. | Courtesy Grub Club Pets


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