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Did you know petfood sales in Thailand are projected to grow at an annual compound rate of 8.3% through 2015, reaching US$456 million that year? In fact, Thailand, along with India and China, is among the 10 fastest-growing petfood markets, according to Euromonitor International.

Petfood Forum Asia will draw petfood professionals from throughout Asia and the world.
Petfood Forum Asia will draw petfood professionals from throughout Asia and the world.

Did you know petfood sales in Thailand are projected to grow at an annual compound rate of 8.3% through 2015, reaching US$456 million that year? In fact, Thailand, along with India and China, is among the 10 fastest-growing petfood markets, according to Euromonitor International.

You can learn this and more about the Asian petfood market from research analyst Warangkana Anuwong of Euromonitor during Petfood Forum Asia, February 16 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre in Thailand. She’ll be joined by six other experts sharing their insights on the Asian pet market, including featured speaker David Whye Tye Ng, president and CEO of Pet Lovers Centre, the largest pet retail chain in Singapore and Malaysia, Ng says.

Bangkok is open for business, so you can expect to network with many industry peers. You can also visit with key industry suppliers exhibiting as part of Victam Asia, one of the largest agri-feed trade shows in the world. Victam Asia is also at BITEC, February 15-17.

To register for Petfood Forum Asia, visit Victam Asia requires separate registration, which is free if you register online in advance at

Following is the schedule, topics and speakers as of press time for Petfood Forum Asia.

9:00-10:00 Registration and check in with coffee and light breakfast 

10:00-11:00 Pet retailing in Asia: consumer insights:  David Whye Tye Ng, executive director and CEO of Pet Lovers Centre, will offer expertise gleaned from 16+ years of pet retailing in Asia, discuss selling and marketing petfood and share insights on pet-owning consumers in the markets his company serves.

In 1995, Ng and his brother Whye Hoe took over their family’s business in Singapore, started by their father and uncle in 1973, and grew it dramatically, adding stores, expanding to Malaysia and starting a new chain, Pet Safari. Today Pet Lovers Centre bills itself as the largest pet retail chain in Singapore and Malaysia. Prior to joining his brother in the family firm, Ng served as a senior manager and engineer in multinational companies, including Seagate.

11:00-11:40 Update on global and Asian petfood markets:  Warangkana Anuwong, research analyst with Euromonitor International, explains why the Asian petfood market is growing so fast and what the outlook is for the region and the global market. She will also cover petfood sales and product trends.

Based in Singapore, Anuwong conducts direct research and manages a team of analysts in various countries, including Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Her industry expertise spans numerous fast-moving consumer goods industries, ranging from beverages to packaged foods, pet products and consumer healthcare.

11:40-12:20 Trends in natural and organic ingredients and supplements:  Greg Tilford, CEO of Animals’ Apawthecary Co. and Animal Essentials Inc., shares trends in natural and organic ingredients and supplements, including consumer insights and regulatory issues such as import, export, label and health claims, as well as a look at the most popular animal supplements coming soon to Asia.

Tilford is an author, consultant and teacher in the field of veterinary botanical medicine and a charter member of the scientific advisory committee of the National Animal Supplements Council. He is president and CEO of Animal Essentials Inc., a company based in Montana, USA, that formulates, manufactures and exports natural supplements for companion animals. Tilford has authored five books on herbs and natural medicines, including Herbs for Pets – The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet’s Life (Bowtie Press, 2009).

12:20-13:45 Lunch buffet 

13:45-14:25 Validation of extrusion temperature as a CCP in the petfood process :  Galen Rokey, process manager for the Pet Food Applications Group, Wenger Manufacturing, shares results of recent studies that may validate extrusion temperature as a critical control point in the petfood process. The studies also indicate the correlation of extrusion temperature and moisture with destruction of pathogenic organisms in an inoculated petfood recipe.

After completing a course of study in the chemistry option of Grain Science and Management, Rokey graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s of science and joined Wenger Manufacturing, a major supplier of extrusion and dryer process hardware and technology for the food and feed industries. Rokey brings 39 years of laboratory, extrusion process and research experience to his current position. Based in Kansas, USA, he travels extensively, assisting clients around the world with process issues and providing both classroom and hands-on training regarding the latest in extrusion technology. He has authored numerous publications on the extrusion process with a focus on petfood production.

14:25-15:05 Systemic approach to dog palatability: focus on Asian market:  Laurence Callejon, dog platform manager, SPF, explains a systemic approach to dog palatability with research conducted in Asia on olfaction, coating, moisture and kibble texture. Palatability for dogs is mainly driven by the petfood’s smell, taste and texture. The nature of the palatant used as well as the way it is added to the kibble are important to maximize palatability.

Awarded a master’s degree from Aix-Marseille University in chemical formulation, Callejon worked for four years as a flavorist in two companies specializing in additives for feed. In 2010, she joined SPF in France as innovative engineer in the R&D department. Callejon has worked on different solutions to improve palatability of cat and dog meals, using new raw materials and technologies to create the next generation of palatability enhancers.

15:45-16:25 Prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics as functional foods for dogs :  Dr. K.B. Kore, assistant professor, Department of Animal Nutrition, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Navsari Agricultural University, discusses the applicability of these functional ingredients for improving the nutritional health of dogs. Prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics comprising chicory inulin and/or L. acidophilus NCDC 15 have been shown to improve nutrient utilization, hindgut health and intestinal microbial balance.

Dr. Gore has a PhD in animal nutrition with a specialization in pet nutrition. Based in India, he has worked for more than six years on the nutritional health of different breeds of dogs. His area of interest—on which he has published numerous papers and presented at many symposia and conferences—is functional foods for augmenting nutrient utilization, metabolic profile and immunity in dogs.

16:25-17:05 Mycotoxins in the Asian petfood industry:  Robert W. Coppock, DVM, DABVT, president of Toxicologist and Associates Ltd. and adjunct professor at the University of Alberta and Concordia University College-Edmonton, Canada, discusses how to handle some of the challenges in detecting and controlling these contaminants that can pose safety and economic concerns for petfood manufacturers. In a paper co-authored by Margitta Dziwenka, DVM, of Tox-Alta Consulting, Dr. Coppock offers tips to find and destroy mycotoxins.

Dr. Coppock earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and agriculture from Andrews University, a DVM from Michigan State University, a master’s degree in veterinary pathology from Oklahoma State University and a PhD in toxicology from the University of Illinois. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology and American Board of Toxicology, has published over 250 papers and book chapters and has given more than 100 oral presentations.

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