Barentz International enters pet food ingredient business

The company announces its acquisition of pet food ingredient supplier Chicago-based Ingredients Inc.

Pet food industry mergers and acquisitions continue despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic repercussions. Barentz International, a global distributor of life science ingredients, has expanded into taste and nutrition, including pet food ingredients. The company announces its acquisition of pet food ingredient supplier Chicago-based Ingredients Inc., a family business in the United States, and a developer and supplier of high-quality ingredients to food and beverage, pet food and nutraceutical manufacturers.

  • The acquisition diversifies Barentz’ sources, enabling it to deliver a wider range of high-quality ingredient solutions in the USA market.
  • Ingredients Inc and Barentz share a proven track-record in developing, formulating, manufacturing and producing ingredients and custom-blends for their clients. Both companies add value by developing new ideas and innovative solutions through their expertise and network of specialized application laboratories.
  • With headquarters in Chicago, and serviced by a network of warehouses, Ingredients Inc strengthens Barentz’ national USA coverage.

“This is a promising new route, from which both parties will immediately benefit from each other’s strengths,” Jim Stewart, founder and Managing Director of Ingredients Inc, said in a press release. ”For Ingredients Inc, and for me personally, the customer-centric and entrepreneurial spirit of Barentz are of key importance. We are a family business with an extraordinary passion for our customers. We see the same attitude at Barentz: To always strive for better solutions.”

For, Ingredients Inc’s expertise is an excellent addition to the Barentz family of life science solutions. “This is the way to bundle all the expertise and skills that we have throughout our organization towards developing and implementing innovative and suitable solutions,” Barentz’ CEO, Hidde van der Wal, said in a press release. “Ingredients Inc has an excellent national USA coverage and we see many opportunities to add our network and our solutions to the country. It will strengthen both our presence in the USA, as well as our global network.”

Van der Wal expects rapid cooperation and results.

“We share a similar corporate private culture, ensuring continuity for all employees and offering them new interesting growth perspectives,” he said.

About Ingredients Inc. pet food ingredient supplier

Ingredient Inc is an American developer and supplier of high-quality ingredients for the US food market. The company was established in 1985 by Jim and Debbie Stewart, and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, where passionate ingredients engineers work with customers, product developers, producers and marketeers from all over the USA every day to develop and test new ideas. With a position in bakery, pet food, beverage, confectionary, dairy, dressings, health and nutrition, the company mainly serves markets in the US and Canada.

Ingredients Inc has warehouse locations and distribution centers in Northern California, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Laredo, Texas, and Boston, Massachusetts.

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