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Find out the latest information on pet population and ownership trends for dogs, cats, birds and exotic companion animal ownership worldwide. Read the latest studies and research on generational pet ownership trends, the regions where pet ownership is increasing and how diversity among pet ownership demographics continues to create new challenges for pet food marketers and professionals.


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Chewy, Purina surveys on premiumization and transparency

In the Purina survey, 92% of all pet owners were interested in learning more about where ingredients for their pet’s food are sourced, especially dog owners.
Two giants in the pet industry, Purina and Chewy, released their own independent survey results on transparency and premiumization, respectively.
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JD adds dog, cat profiles to e-commerce site in China

For the dog and cat profiles, JD uses the e-commerce giant’s big data analysis to provide updates of suitable products, services and care instructions.
The system, called the My Pet Profile Initiative, allows customers to receive recommendations for pet products and services.
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Pandemic pets face health, care problems from novices

In 2020, pandemic-driven demand altered the pet market, reducing owner preparation and diligence as people scrambled to buy what puppies they could without investigating the source or even seeing the young dog.
Pet food companies have an opportunity to help these new owners of new dogs. As the dynamic of the pandemic changes, dog food companies may build consumer trust and loyalty by expanding efforts to reach new pet owners.
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Breed-specific dog food for COVID purebred boom

In the United States, growing demand for dog breeds and rising prices may have contributed to a rise in licensed dog breeders in 2020.
Rising prices for popular breeds and a shortage of shelter dogs may mean growth opportunities for breed-specific pet foods in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
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