Pet Ownership Statistics

Find out the latest information on pet population and ownership trends for dogs, cats, birds and exotic companion animal ownership worldwide. Read the latest studies and research on generational pet ownership trends, the regions where pet ownership is increasing and how diversity among pet ownership demographics continues to create new challenges for pet food marketers and professionals.


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By 2024, e-commerce pet product sales may be top channel

By 2024, industry analysts forecast that e-commerce will become the top retail sales channel for pet products.
Two major players in the pet food e-commerce space, and Amazon, lead online sales with three quarters of the market and seem likely to maintain that dominance.
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I, Zoodroid: Could ultra-cute AI pets replace dogs, cats?

Computer scientists put artificial intelligence programs to work solving complex algorithms needed to mimic human intelligence. That made me wonder, could an AI learn to be a cat?
A Furby-1000 robotic pet terminating the pet food industry seems absurd, but many odd, unexpected technologies ended up changing the world.
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Dog, cat adoptions boom during COVID-19 pandemic

More pets means more demand for pet food, and right now, that may mean home delivered dog and cat food, boosting the already growing pet food e-commerce channel.
This boost in pet populations may influence the fortunes of the pet food industry in the economic upheaval created by the disease.
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