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Petco launches nutrition progam based on survey results

Recently released survey results from Petco indicate consumers want to feed their pets the same level of healthy, nutritious food that humans enjoy, but they don't really understand how to choose a healthy food for their pets. In response, the company has teamed up with its own experts, suppliers and external pet nutrition experts to launch an educational effort for store personnel and consumers based on understanding premium pet nutrition.

The company said its goal is to increase the number of pets benefiting from better nutrition and enjoying long, healthy, happy lives with their human companions.

The main components of Petco's  nutrition education initiative :

  • The company's Pledge to Premium Nutrition.
  • Training more than 2,000 nutrition experts. At least two trained nutrition experts work in each of the company's more than 950 stores across the US.
  • Educating consumers. The company created a library of educational materials and pet nutrition guidance for consumers online, and its team of experts will hold pet nutrition workshops in every store Saturday, November 14, at 2 p.m.

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