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Nature's Wellness named petfood of the Year

Iams Nature's Wellness cat food  was been named petfood of the Year in last week's Product of the Year awards. Iams said the award recognizes the product's healthy balance and the company's commitment to the long-term health of cats, according to an  article  by  Glee Wire  (UK).

"Iams is a brand that is all about offering cats a healthy diet for a lifetime of love," said Iams UK and Ireland business leader Sophie Holdcroft. "It is great that this award recognizes that."

Nature's Wellness, which launched last February, is aimed at the premium end of the petfood market and contains 26% meat along with tomatoes, peas, carrots, spinach and apple. The company has branded the cat food as a five-a-day food, reflecting the government's healthy eating campaign aimed at humans.

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