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Appeals could stall recall settlement

Compensation payments for pet owners affected by 2007's petfood recall may be delayed due to appeals filed against a $24 million settlement agreed upon by companies that manufactured and dealt the contaminated food, according to an  article  posted on .

More than 23,000 pet owners in the US have asked to receive compensation in the settlement, and those with approved claims were to start receiving checks in 2009. However, two appeals were filed in December 2008. According to the  case's claims Web site , that means the payment of claims will be postponed.

"No payments may be made on eligible claims until all appeals are resolved," the case's Web site said. "It is uncertain how long these appeals will take to resolve, and the timing of resolving the appeals is not within the control of the parties or their counsel. It is not uncommon for appeals to take several months or even years to resolve."

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