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Petfood costs up 9%

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor's Consumer Price index, petfood prices for the second quarter of 2008 rose by an average of 8% to 9% compared to a year ago.

As corn crops have been diverted to ethanol production, corn prices have risen affecting the cost of petfoods that have corn and grains as a primary ingredient.

Veterinarian Joseph Wakshlag, who also holds a Ph.D. and is assistant processor of clinical nutrition at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, estimates that consumers are paying, on average, 80 cents to $1 more for low-end dry petfoods and $2 to $3 more for high-end petfoods.

An article on  offered steps to save money while maintaining quality nutrition in petfood purchases:

  • Buy the best food affordable. Check the label and be sure meat products, not by-products, are included.
  • Avoid any foods listed on the  AVMA  and  FDA  recall lists.
  • Watch for sales on preferred brands and stock up.
  • Buy case quantities of canned foods, typically sold at a lower price, and larger size dry meals.

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