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Participation in GMP+ FSA grows

Participation in the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) program has increased, and is expected to grow even more.

The GMP+ FSA scheme ensures the whole feed chain meets the legal regulations on feed safety. On July 1, the GMP+ FSA scheme had 11,285 participants in 67 countries throughout the world, and it currently has 16 trade associations as partners in Germany and the Netherlands. GMP+ International, the administrator of this scheme, expects a further increase in participation due to stricter market requirements and changes in the certification scheme.

In mid-September, the GMP+ FSA scheme will go on a worldwide tour and will launch the Feed Safety Database (FSD). GMP+ certified companies and its partners will be able to use the FSD to minimize the risks to safety in their production process, feed products and feed safety policy.

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