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Thieves steal donated Purina petfood from Arizona charity

Two men stole petfood from Angel's Corner charity that would have gone to feeding the pets of 1,000 needy families, according to an article from

The charity, located in Williams, Arizona, USA, serves battered women and those who have lost their homes in northern Arizona by delivering food boxes to residents and their pets. According to Gail Dent, charity director, she let two homeless men stay at her shelter, while they kept watch over the food and complex during the weekend of August 1. Dent arrived the following day to find US$39,000 worth of cat, dog and puppy food donated by Purina missing.

"What they took from me was at least four months of (pet) food for 1,000 families...People saw it, and it took time to do it, and nobody said anything," said Dent.

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