Pet Food News
on November 4, 2010

Pet humanization trend leads to increase in UK petfood sales

Retail analyst report shows cats may benefit most with 26.3% increase in treat sales

Petfood sales rose by 6.7% to a £1.5 billion (US$2.1 billion) in the past year thanks to the trend of pet humanization, according to a U.K. Telegraph article.

A report by retail analysts Kantar Worldpanel attributes this trend to a 26.3% increase in the value of cat treat sales. The article says that sociological reasons are behind the growing pet humanization trend in the U.K., including an increase in single person households and loneliness from longer working hours, combined with a desire to be more attached to pets.

"We are seeing an increased desire not only to treat pets to the very best, but also to ensure what they feed them will meet their optimal nutritional requirements," said Ben Thompson of Mars Petcare.

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