Pet Food News
on November 11, 2010

Pongo Fund petfood bank celebrates one year, one million meals

Fund distributes petfood to needy families in Oregon, Washington, USA

On November 14, the Pongo Fund petfood bank will celebrate its one-year anniversary and distribute its 1 millionth meal.

The fund's volunteers distribute petfood directly to families with hungry pets throughout Oregon, USA, and southwest Washington, USA.

“The simple reality is that we make a real difference for very little money in the community,” said founder Larry Chusid. “It reportedly costs around US$750 per month to care for an animal that has been left at a shelter. Yet The Pongo Fund can feed and satisfy that same animal for as little as US$10 per month and the pet is able to remain with its family. It’s a win-win-woof for everyone."

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