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Lobbyists influence FDA's food safety overhaul

More than 221 organizations hired 77 lobbying firms to fight over details in the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act recently passed by the US Senate, according to The Washington Post.

Nearly all of Washington, DC,USA's largest lobbying firms registered to lobby on the overhaul, but it was smaller firms that represented clients' interests most often, The Post reported. The Bockorny Group registered to work on the bill for 11 clients, more than any other lobbying group. Another frequently employed firm, Policy Directions Inc., was hired by nine clients. Other lobbying firms involved, each representing eight clients, were the Alpine Group, Meyers & Associates, and Tarplin, Downs & Young. The exact price paid for this lobbying work is difficult to measure as disclosure forms filed with the Senate do not break down payments by issue.

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