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High level of toxins in corn grains blamed for Kroger petfood recall

Tennessee Department of Agriculture and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigators found elevated levels of the toxic substance aflatoxin in some corn grains to blame for the Kroger Co. petfood recall in late December 2010.

"We took finished samples and grain samples that were stored and used to make petfood," said Tom Womack, spokesman for the Tennessee, USA, Department of Agriculture. "We did find some elevated levels in some grains stored there."

Kroger's recall involved several brands of cat and dog foods, including Pet Pride, Old Yeller and Kroger Value, all made at the subsidiary plant of Delight Products Co., in Springfield, Tennessee, USA. The products were sold to consumers in 19 states before being recalled in December 2010 for the possible presence of aflatoxin, a substance created by fungus that can result in sluggishness, severe and bloody diarrhea and death in animals that consume it.

At least two consumers in Tennessee and Georgia, USA, claimed their pets died as a result of the petfood contamination; however, FDA's office that oversees the Southeast did not receive any consumer complaints regarding the recalled product, according to Natalie Guidry, an FDA spokeswoman. Results of FDA sample collections are still pending and findings of its investigations have not yet been made public, FDA said. For more information on the recall, customers can call Kroger at +1.800.632.6900 or click here.

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