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Petco launches Certified Nutrition program to help consumers select petfood

Petco recently launched Petco Certified Nutrition, a program designed to aid consumers in choosing a food for their pet's individual needs.

As part of Petco Certified Nutrition, all Petco store associates receive pet nutrition training on an ongoing basis, allowing them to guide consumers through petfood selection and assess a pet's nutritional needs based on a variety of factors, such as age, breed, weight, activity level, and skin and coat issues. After products have passed Petco's Certified Nutrition Checklists, Petco Certified Nutrition breaks down petfood into three categories: essential nutrition, advanced nutrition and natural nutrition.

According to Petco, the essential nutrition category means the food meets the fundamental nutritional needs of pets and provides a well-rounded diet in a variety of formulas; foods in the advanced nutrition category are scientifically formulated with high-quality nutrients and may be tailored to a pet's lifestage, breed, activity level or special needs; foods in the natural nutrition category are made with selective natural ingredients for overall health and wellness, and contain recognizable whole food ingredients without unnecessary chemicals, preservatives or additives.

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