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Business Insider ranks top websites for dog lovers

Business Insider ranked the 10 best websites for dog owners to consult on important subjects from selecting a dog breed and petfood, to maintaining a healthy pet and traveling with dogs.

For those trying to select the right dog, Dog Breed Info provides information on many breeds with pictures and provides contact information for dog breeders by zip code. Gotta Love a Lab was selected as a top resource for all things Labrador-related, including articles, pictures and tips.

Once the right dog is chosen, Baby Dog Names lists dog names by categories: popular, unique, famous, wacky and gender. Cesar Milan, the "Dog Whisperer," was named as a good online resource for dog tips and training advice, as well as the forum. Business Insider named Petco as the number one resource for selecting a petfood online because they offer coupons, free shipping on orders over US$60 and a wide variety of brands for consumers to choose from. When traveling with a dog, lets pet owners know which hotels, restaurants and parks are pet friendly.

Dog owners must also look out for their pet's health. To help do so, offers resources about dog illnesses and lists of local veterinarians to consult for professional pet examinations. Dog owners looking for pet health insurance may want to consult the Dog Health Insurance website, according to Business Insider.

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