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Novus gives social sustainability presentation at SAI Platform global conference

Novus International Inc.'s chief sustainability officer gave a presentation on social sustainability at the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform's global conference in Canberra, Australia.

Joyce Cacho, PhD, spoke about "Social Sustainability – Augmenting Business Strategies" and shared examples from Novus' experience. Novus joined SAI Platform in 2009, a food industry-based organization that supports and innovates agricultural practices to promote the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability. Dr. Cacho said Novus currently operates several social sustainability programs around the world, like the Novus Scholars Program in China, India and Korea as well as a Heifer International project in Vietnam.

“Social sustainability is now an established business practice for a growing number of large food producers because it is viewed as an investment in responding to customer challenges,” Dr. Cacho said. “And just like environmental and economic sustainability programs, social sustainability investments must be made measurable and held accountable before they can deliver the risk management returns and make an impact in communities that define the marketplace.”

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