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Nature's Logic celebrates five years of natural petfood

Nature’s Logic celebrated five years of making making its all-natural petfoods, the company announced.

Since 2006, the company says it has made its canned, dry, and raw formulas, all free of chemically-synthesized vitamins or minerals. The company’s founder, Scott Freeman, says he was influenced by a veterinarian who used only whole food supplements in her practice, avoiding the potential toxicities associated with synthetic vitamins and minerals.

“This planted the seed in my mind to create a complete line of petfoods without chemically synthesized nutrients,” said Freeman. “The concept was substantiated the very month our Nature's Logic dry kibble was launched, in March 2006. That same month, a major petfood manufacturer issued a recall because its diets were discovered to contain excessive synthetic Vitamin D3, which was causing hypercalcemia, renal failure, and death in some pets.”

Nature’s Logic began a social media campaign in August 2010 to increase consumer education in choosing a petfood. The company uses Facebook and Twitter as well as a blog with articles related to the topic and other common misunderstandings in the petfood industry.