Arenus, whose parent company is Novus International, launched a line of health and nutrition products for dogs and horses in March at 2011 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Arenus introduced retailers to its natural supplements, which the company says reflect its commitment to holistic health. The company's new products include: Steadfast, for joint health; Assure, a digestive formula in two different blends; CoatPlus, beef-flavored capsules for healthy skin and coat; and Botanical Animal Flower Essences, targeted to pets' emotional problems. The company says it has been audited by the National Animal Supplement Council and its products have earned the NASC Quality Seal.

“The company saw that pet guardians were searching for safe, holistic, and easy-to-use products that address specific health issues,” said Simone Pophal, DVM, PhD, business manager for Arenus. “We had the expertise to deliver solutions to the marketplace, by offering unique, high-quality products that are backed by scientific data and address common but persistent pet health problems.”