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Dog food maker replaces plastic containers with paper for Earth Day

Dynamite Specialty Products is replacing the plastic containers used for packaging its dog food with paper-craft bags in celebration of the upcoming Earth Day, on Friday, April 22.

Beginning in late Spring, bags for smaller products will be made of recyclable paper, sewn at the top and have a moisture-grease barrier that is sprayed on as a liner. The new bags will break down in the recycling process and can be reused by the consumer, according to Callie Novak, vice president.

“The new packaging also will be lighter and more space efficient, resulting in reduced fuel costs for shipping,” Novak said. “We’ve also thought ‘inside the box’ by instituting energy-saving practices such as energy-efficient lighting in our warehouse, automatic light switches in our office, paperless invoices, and 100 percent recycled paper whenever paper is necessary.”

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