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Blue Buffalo petfood, Petco host National Adoption Weekend

Petco and the Blue Buffalo Co. will team up to help pets find homes by hosting National Adoption Weekend, May 14-15.

National Adoption Weekend, sponsored by Blue Buffalo, will include pet adoption events at Petco stores nationwide. The events will allow new and prospective pet parents the chance to speak with local adoption groups and meet adoptable animals.

During the adoption events, Blue Buffalo Co. will also aim to raise money and awareness for the Morris Animal Foundation, a research and treatment organization for pet cancer. Actress Betty White teamed up with Blue Buffalo in an in-store public service announcement to let customers know that for each bag of Blue Buffalo dog or cat food purchased at Petco stores, one dollar will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation during the month of May. Donations of any amount will also be accepted at Petco registers and online, so customers can contribute as much as they would like.

National Adoption Weekend will take place at Petco stores nationwide, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on May 14 and 15. A complete list of participating stores and more details can be found using Petco's Store Locator.

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