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Veterinarian blogs about switching dogs to raw petfood diet

Selecting the right petfood is important for maintaining a pet's health and with so many choices, it can be difficult to determine what type of petfood may be best, which is why one veterinarian is blogging about her experience switching her dogs to a raw petfood diet. Dr. Amy Nesselrodt is chronicling her experience in switching her dogs to Answers Pet Food raw diet for one year, monitoring the dogs' health and weight before, during and after the switch.

Nesselrodt says she will be brutally honest in her findings, so that other pet owners may become more educated on feeding their pet a raw food or kibble diet. She says that much controversy exists in the debate over what is really good for dogs and cats to consume, raising questions about the nutritional balance of raw petfood, whether pets are really meant to eat commercially processed cooked foods, whether ingredients like grains and potatoes are actually meant for pets to eat and if raw diets put pets at a greater risk for bacteria consumption.

Nesslerodt's experience and results from her raw petfood challenge can be viewed on her online blog.

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