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Wysong, Green Dog partner to promote natural petfood, retailers

Wysong natural petfood corp. has partnered with Green Dog Promotions LLC to promote Wysong's pet product lines as well as the company's petfood retailers.

Beginning in early July, Green Dog will begin its promotional efforts in New Jersey, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, USA.

“Too often, pet food manufacturers see their responsibilities ending with product placement in a retail outlet when, in fact, that is just the beginning. The truth of the matter is that the success of a product depends on three separate entities - the manufacturer, the retailer, and the consumer - and all in equal measure," said Mark Rogers, senior partner at Green Dog.

"The Wysong/Green Dog partnership addresses each by providing the retailers not only with the revolutionary Wysong product lines which give them differentiation from 'big box' but, also, the local marketing and promotion necessary to address their specific needs and provide them with that much needed new customer," Rogers said.

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