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Greenies works to promote pet oral health

The Greenies Brand, makers of pet dental treats, is working to educate pet owners on the importance of providing daily preventative oral care to their pet.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, periodontal disease affects three-fourths of dogs and cats over age three, and is often a result of the pet owner's failure to provide daily oral care. A study published in the AVMA Journal found disease and inflamed gums to be associated with inflammatory effects in other parts of the pet's body. When treated, the study found that the pet's systematic reactions lessened.

"Gum disease, which research tells us can affect more than just a pet’s mouth, is initiated by plaque accumulating on teeth and not being cleaned,” said Dr. Jan Bellows, veterinary dental specialist and incoming president of the American Veterinary Dental College. “The good news is every pet parent has the power to keep their pet’s teeth clean and gums healthy. It starts with daily at-home oral care with brushing or Veterinary Oral Health Council-approved dental products. And each pet should have a veterinary oral exam at least annually with professional cleanings as advised.”

The Greenies Brand says it is trying to make it easier for pet owners to provide this at-home oral care by offering special holiday packaging for its pet oral health products as many pet owners select holiday gifts for their pets.

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