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Eukanuba opens canine, feline event center in Ohio, USA

Eukanuba, a P&G PetCare petfood brand, opened a canine and feline event venue in Wilmington, Ohio, USA, at the Roberts Centre.

The facility has more than 80,000 square feet of unobstructed space and can be used to host both dog- and cat-related activities, such as canine agility, lure coursing, herding, conformation, tracking, flying disc, dock diving, seminars and symposiums, sporting events, grooming competitions and training seminars. The venue also has a restaurant and hotel on-site.

“Eukanuba Hall at the Roberts Centre is an example of our long-term commitment to the breeder-enthusiast community,” said Mabe Rodriguez, vice president and general manager of P&G PetCare Americas. “Eukanuba is a proud partner of the American Kennel Club and look forward to hosting even more AKC sanctioned events at Eukanuba Hall.”

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