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UK-based BARF Pet Foods introduces new beef dog bones

A UK petfood maker, BARF Pet Foods, introduced a range of new bone treats for dogs, following the principles of the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet.

The new dog treats include Beef Neck Bones and Beef Hock Bones. Company co-founder, Andreas Dauer, says BARF diets should contain 60% to 80% raw meaty bones, and the other 20% of the diet made of meat, offal, vegetables and some dairy.

“All our products consist of high quality, human-grade free-range meats chosen from specialist suppliers and from traceable sources,” Dauer says. “All our products are good enough to be used by top chefs and it is important to feed your pets the highest quality foods possible. Bones provide a lot of the vitamins and minerals that a dog needs. They are good for their teeth, exercise the jaw and provide stimulation for the dog.”

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