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Novelli Group builds new petfood production plant in Italy

The Novelli Group of Italy is building a new petfood production plant with the help of consulting group Tebodin CCE.

The new plant will produce 15 tons of dog and cat food per hour for the Italian and international petfood markets. Tebodin helped the company construct the new plant, which houses the storage silos and process lines for dosing, flaking, grinding and mixing.

"The lines are designed in such a way that the process can easily be applied to different final products. Production can take place just-in-time because of this flexibility and the large silo volumes. Smooth materials for floors, walls and roof ensure a working area clear of dirt and residues. This modern plant is able to produce the highest possible quality petfood," said Harm Klein, Tebodin project manager for the Novelli plant.

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