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European Pet Food Industry Federation petfood labeling code approved

The European Pet Food Industry Federation, FEDIAF, welcomed validation of the new Code of Good Labeling Practice for Pet Food by the European Commission.

Regulation 767/2009 on the Marketing and Use of Feed modernizes the relevant rules for petfood manufacturing and promotes the development of EU Codes of Good Labeling Practice as tools for co-regulation. The 64-page petfood code explains and interprets petfood labeling legislative requirement. The code also includes a glossary, a "layman's guide" to explain the meaning of various information on the label, practical examples and a reference list of applicable legislation.

FEDIAF's code should be used by companies and authorities alongside the EU legislation to guarantee that petfood products placed on the market are properly labeled. The code is available on the European Commission website and on the FEDIAF website.

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