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GA Pet Food Partners creates ‘Just Fresh Meat’ dry petfood concept

GA Pet Food Partners, a super-premium dry petfood manufacturer, recently created the “Just Fresh Meat” concept, in which all of meat ingredients in the dry pet food are fresh.

GA has invested in a patented “Just Fresh Meat” extrusion technology, which the company says means that there is no need for dry rendered meat and bone meals to be used in a complete, dry petfood.

“‘Just Fresh Meat’ technology means that we no longer have to use dry meat meals, which have a greater carbon footprint than fresh meat, can add high ash levels and tainted flavors to a dry petfood through prolonged processing and storage. The result is a new generation of highly digestible and palatable dry petfood that is packed with a fresh meat content of up to 70 percent,” said James Lawson, GA’s joint managing director.

The “Just Fresh Meat” concept is available to any private-label dry petfood makers looking to offer a sustainable dry petfood, GA says. The company will display the concept at its Interzoo stand in Nuremberg, Germany.

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