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Pet Planet launches pet Health and Nutrition Kiosk

Pet Planet, a pet health-supply chain, recently launched an online pet Health and Nutrition Kiosk, H.A.N.K, in all stores across North America.

H.A.N.K., a custom Web-based program developed by Pet Planet, provides recommendations to customers on petfood, supplements, pet treats, toys and more, after customers answer a few questions to create a pet-health profile. The kiosk also offers access to the new Pet Planet Nutrition & Health Education Center. Recommendations and educational material will then be emailed to the customer so they can learn more and continue to research on their own. Any time a Pet Planet customer returns to the store, they can review, update or modify the profile.

“As a resource for all things pet health-related, H.A.N.K. is truly revolutionary in its approach to providing accurate information, clarifying the confusion and assisting families make the best decisions they can for the health and longevity of their pets,” the company says.

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