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Cats potentially at risk after Diamond Pet Foods dog food recall

After recalling one batch of Diamond Naturals dry dog food on April 6 for possible Salmonella contamination, Diamond Pet Foods and other brands manufactured at its plant have expanded the recall on numerous occasions, Diamond endured a week-long inspection of its Gaston, South Carolina, USA, by the US Food and Drug Administration, which found various safety issues, and most recently acknowledged that cats are also at risk.

According to a recent article, Diamond Pet Foods has done little to call special attention to the expansion of its dry dog food recalls to include a cat food that was also manufactured at the plant.

There is no specific information on which brands and batches of cat food may be affected by the recalls, though consumers may check the cat food bag's product code to find where it was made.

Recently, the Calgary Herald in Alberta, Canada, reported that two cats in a Montreal animal shelter died and another is ill after eating Diamond Pet Foods products. Also in Quebec, another person has been reported with a case of Salmonella, bringing the total number of cases to 16 in the United States and Canada caused by handling the petfood, the article says.

“The investigation is open and pending so we are limited in the information we can release to the public,” Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman, Laura Alvey, wrote via e-mail. "Diamond voluntarily shut down their facility to clean (including the two lines where the contaminated product was made) and to implement additional procedures.”

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