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Key ingredients to include in vegan petfood diets

A recent article from Living Green Magazine looks into key ingredients that should be included in a vegan petfood diet, as well as suggests some retailers of alternative vegan dog foods.

The article says that many vegan dog food recipes can be found online, but key ingredients must be included for optimal pet nutrition and health. It is recommended that pet owners select a recipe with taurine and l-carnitine in the list of ingredients because dogs are unable to synthesize these heart-healthy amino acids since they do not naturally occur in plant matter. Additionally, protein, calcium and vitamin D should be included. The petfood should be supplemented to a level that prevents cardiomyopathy (heart disorders).

The article also warns pet owners of feeding onions, raw garlic, avocado pit and skin, and chocolate to their dogs, as many of these foods are toxic to dogs.

If you choose to purchase a vegan petfood rather than cook it at home, below is a listing of alternative vegan petfood products and company contact information:

F & O Alternative Pet Product

Harbingers of a New Age

Natural Life Pet Products

Nature’s Recipe

Wow-Bow Distributors

Wysong Corporation

Pet Guard

Newman’s Own

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