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Cargill's Loyall dog food brand partners with sporting dog community

Cargill's Loyall dog food brand has formed two new partnerships with the sporting dog community to develop new performance petfood formulas.

The first partnership is with J. Paul of Lone Oak Retrievers, a full-time professional retriever training operation in Tennessee, USA, offering comprehensive gun dog training programs for hunting and hunt test competitions.

The second partnership is with Chad Belding of “The Fowl Life,” a cable television show focused on the hunt of water fowl and the predators that are associated with them.

“J. Paul and Chad Belding are both considered experts in training sporting dogs. Their knowledge and passion for the health and nutrition of these animals to perform well paired up with the research capabilities of Cargill makes for a beneficial relationship,” said Andy Rash, marketing manager for Cargill’s Loyall brand.

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