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Horizon Pet Nutrition, Pet Planet donate petfood to homeless dogs

Pet Planet health stores and Horizon Pet Nutrition provided more than 1,000 pounds of petfood to Dogs With No Names. Established in 2011, Dogs With No Names is a scientific pilot program working to combat the number of homeless dogs on First Nations reserves in southern Alberta, Canada, through the use of contraceptive implants.

The program says that while adoptions of reserve dogs are possible and encouraged through rescue groups, it is often limited to puppies and tamer dogs, and there is also a shortage of welcoming homes for these dogs.

In addition to efforts in contraception, Dogs With No Names distributes donated dog food from Horizon Pet Nutrition and Pet Planet health stores to undernourished dogs throughout two First Nations reserves in southern Alberta. Another 1,000 pounds of dog food from Horizon Pet Nutrition is planned to be distributed over the next quarter.

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