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on September 26, 2012 celebrates October as Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

Two USA events near Washington, D.C., New York will be hosted to find homes for adoptable dogs is hoping to find forever homes for the nearly 200,000 dogs in shelters and rescues across North America by celebrating Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month in October. is urging families to help dogs in need of homes by:

• Adopting a dog or giving the gift of pet adoption with Petfinder’s Pet Promise Certificate.
• Volunteering with a local rescue or shelter
• Donating Facebook posts and Tweets to highlight adoptable dogs
• Visiting for more ideas and resources

Additionally, will host two Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month events near the Washington, D.C., USA and New York, USA, areas, featuring adoptable dogs, prizes and more.

The first, an Animal Planet R.O.A.R. & Petfinder Community Adoption Event will be held on Thursday, October 4, from 4-6 p.m. The event will take place at the Discovery Communications headquarters at One Discovery Place in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

Another Petfinder Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month Adoption Event will also be hosted at Animal Haven at 251 Centre Street in New York, New York, USA, from 12-3 p.m. on October 13.

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