In October, Flint River Ranch marked its 20th anniversary, and the company is celebrating by launching some new varieties of all-natural, holistic dog and cat foods and supplements.

Flint River Ranch, established in 1993, says the company was among the first to feature the "natural, oven-baked freshness" foundation to all of its formulas and the first company to offer home delivery of pet products throughout America.

One new product is the Essential Greens supplement, formulated using the "essence" of Flint River Ranch's Dry Water formula to make a Health and Vitality supplement containing dehydrated chicken liver, and that aids in digestion, helps reduce tartar build up and freshens breath, helps improve skin and coat, boosts the immune system, and may help increase energy and vitality. The company will also be adding digestive and joint care products to the "Essential" line.

Jay P. Margedant, president of Flint River Ranch, says: "The benefits of the ingredients in our Essential Greens are phenomenal. Early adopters are already reporting less regurgitation from their cats, their dogs' breath is freshening up, skin and coats are looking even better, and, for our kitty parents, the cat box seems to not smell as bad. I know our customers will see amazing results from this product. I know how good FRR formulas already are, but I personally encourage you to give this supplement a try. You can always supplement and improve your pets' meals. Essential Greens allows you to do this for every meal!"

The company also updated its kibble shape by investing in a new roller die for the oven. Although the formulas have not changed, the kibble is now cooked using the new roller die that forms pre-arranged shapes.

According to Margedant: "We did this change because with our limited ingredients, we cannot make the open-edged, cracked kibbles that we used to...they were just too fragile, and the end result was not what we wanted you to have to feed your pets. This new die keeps with our same formulation, the same oven-baking process you've known for years, and gives us a better product that we're looking for you to see when you open your bag(s)."