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Bravo! Pet Foods upgrades heritage brand

Bravo! Pet Foods is upgrading its heritage brand, introducing a new logo, slogan and packaging design with will officially debut during Orlando's Global Pet Expo, happening March 12-14, 2014.

The updated logo features a brilliant red color that has become synonymous with the Bravo brand for easy recognition, while contemporizing the insignia with a softer, more approachable font, according to the company. A canine and/or feline silhouette will accompany the new logo for easy product differentiation. These illustrated pets feature an activated color palette to signify the brand's various nutritional benefits.

The new slogan, "make good happen," was developed to:

  • Reflect the company's commitment to offer only the finest quality, healthiest and tastiest dinners and treats for pets
  • Communicate the brand's feel-good mission and ongoing commitment to the community and rescue shelters
  • Resonate with the brand's target market

For continuity, consistency and heightened point-of-sale impact, the entire Bravo line will receive updated packaging in 2014. The new designs are tailored to create a billboard effect when merchandised, with appropriate violators and highlighted sales points to distinguish each product's protein, purpose and benefits. All of these elements work together to maximize shelf and freezer impact, simplify consumer shopping and increase retail sales, says the company.

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